How to Borrow Money

How to Borrow Money

Are you trying to learn how you can borrow some pera, to help you get out of a sticky situation?

Keep reading.

Tens of THOUSANDS of people search for this same thing every day on Google, and that’s just inside the Philippines!

So I want you to know that, you are not the only person who is feeling what you’re feeling right now.

You are not the only person who needs to borrow money quickly, to cover a bill, or pay rent or whatever it is you need the money for. Everyone has these difficult and stressful times when they need an extra boost of money.

It’s probably not because you did anything wrong. A lot of Kabayans just like you get unexpected bills, or a unexpected fee on their account that was much higher than they expected. And sometimes your employer does not pay you the correct salary or all of the bonuses and entitlements that you were expecting (and deserve) to get.

Sometimes you just simply need a quick loan.

That is why we started and launched We wanted to make it easier for Filipinos to apply for and borrow the funds they need, when they need it. And we did!

Sometimes it is ironic. It’s ironic because you know that your next salary is only 2 weeks from now, or 3-4 weeks from now. Therefore, you are not someone who is jobless, and you’re not someone who is bad at money. You’re a hard working person who doesn’t have money right now.

Or maybe you just need more of it. That is the second most common type of person that we speak to and help every day.

Very often, people who are wanting to see how they can borrow money are looking for extra funds to upgrade their LCD TV at home, or buy a new gadget, or take a vacation.

Sometimes they borrow money for home repairs and home maintenance, and that’s ok. It’s VERY normal to have these desires!

It’s simple: Different people borrow money for different reasons.

We did not launch this free service to ask people WHY they don’t have money, we are here to help empower Filipinos to get the money they need.

Yes I Need Money, How Can I Borrow It?

When you’re younger, it’s easier. You can ask your Dad, or your Mom or someone in your family who is working and who has extra money to loan.

But when you are an adult and you’re not anymore jobless, it can be a little harder to ask for a loan from someone.

The OLD way to borrow money is like this:

  • Go to your banks branch.
  • Stand in line for 45 minutes.
  • When you get to the front, you are referred to a DIFFERENT line!
  • 30 minutes later, your friends or family are already texting you, asking where you are, why you’re late..
  • The employee at the bank gives you a crazy amount of paperwork to complete.
  • You complete the paperwork and line back up at the end.
  • You submit your paperwork to a DIFFERENT employee, he tells you that you ALSO need to complete these 2 other requirements.
  • Smoke comes out your ears.
  • You’re entire plan for the day has been ruined.
  • They give you a list of other requirements you need to complete.
  • You realise you wasted your time, you can’t even finish your application there and then.
  • Two weeks later there is ANOTHER request for ADDITIONAL required requirements!!
  • If you complete those, your loan application is added to the bottom of the loan departments MOUNTAIN HIGH pile of other applications.
  • Now your 78 years old and living in the Province. Your grandson reads your new text message for you, it’s the bank and they are asking for a notarised copy of your fingerprint!  

That’s the old way. Have you experienced something like this before?

The new and smart way is with

If you need to borrow money, just go to and tell us the type of loan you need and we will help you through the process from there.

You can complete your application from your home, from your office or from McDo on your cellphone if you prefer (joke, joke, joke!). can help you apply for your:

  • Personal Loan
  • Cash Loan
  • Auto Loan
  • Housing Loan
  • OFW Loan
  • Seaman Loan
  • Student Loan
  • Business Loan

And it’s easier than ever. We have designed this service to be fast, and also to be free for all Filipinos to use.

We aim to grow to be the loan central of the Philippines. So we are here to help you now and next year, with anything that you need.

If you are thinking about borrowing money, or if someone has asked you to research ways to borrow money… What better place is there for you than ?

Our service is ready, live and operational right now! So you can be finished your loan application within just 5 minutes from now.

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