How Much Can I Borrow?

The most common question we get from our clients when they first come to us for a loan is:

  • How can I avail a loan?

The answer to this question is:

Go to, and then ‘Choose Your Loan’ and complete your basic details. Easy.

The second most common question we are asked is:

  • How much can I borrow?

This article will answer that question for you.

When any lending company processes your loan application, and lends you money, they will want to know some details about you first.

The bank or the money lender will want to know two important things about you. They will want to know:

  1. If you are a real person or not. And;
  2. How much money you earn every month.  

They will first aim to make sure you are not James Bond or Jason Bourne, operating under a fake alias (joke!).

The second and important part to answer your question (“How much can I borrow?”), is for the lending company to see how much salary you are receiving every month. They may also wish to check your salary plus your allowances, if you get any.

To say this more simply, they are wanting to know how much money you earn.

Why Is This Monthly Salary Important?

If someone applying for a loan earns a monthly salary of Php15,000, and they want a personal loan to take a vacation with their family. It would not be a smart business decision for the loan provider to issue this person with a Php500,000 personal loan.

A loan of this size to this person earning Php15,000 per month, will take about 70 months for the person to repay (almost 6 years!).

If the person processing their loan application earns Php15,000 per month, they are not able to use all of that money to repay the loan. Because this person still needs to use most of their salary for other things.

The loan application still needs to spend money on:

  • Rental payments for their home.
  • Meralco bills.
  • Food for themselves and their family if they have one to support.
  • Travel costs to and from work.
  • And other weekly household bills.

Therefore, it is easy to see that a monthly salary of Php15,000 is not 100% available. Maybe only half or less than half of that salary, will usually be available to repay a loan.

This is one of the important elements that a loan company looks into when deciding how much money they are going to allow you to borrow from them.

How Will I Know How Much I Can Borrow?

The fastest and most accurate way to find out, is to CLICK or TAP any of the CHOOSE YOUR LOAN buttons on this website, and complete your basic details.

This will tell you how much you can borrow.

Your personal situation is different from even your seatmate at work. Even if you work the same job and even if you get the same salary. Maybe your seatmate already has 1 loan and 2 credit cards in their name. This will mean they will have different bills from you, and everyone else who is applying for a loan.

Maybe you have less monthly expenses than most people, which will mean you can borrow more.


This article you’re reading now, is read by hundreds of people every day 

Therefore, it is not possible to say that “you will be given a loan of Php50,000”. This is because you and the other one hundred people who read this article today are different people with different circumstances.

When you apply for a loan here on this website, your individual and unique application will be looked at by one of the professional loan application members. They will be the one to advise you EXACTLY how much YOU can borrow. You will then have a choice to accept the loan amount, or you can choose to not accept it. The decision will be yours.

If you really want know how much can borrow, first decide if you really do want a loan. Because if you really do want a loan, then you can apply for your loan here on this website, and then very quickly (within a few business hours), a member of the team will contact you. They will be the one to tell you HOW MUCH you could borrow.

Apply now, here on this website and find out.

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