Costs of Buying a Property in the Philippines

The costs of properties vary in each region. To give you an overview of the average price per square metre of apartments, the price range in key cities are provided via Numbeo.

LocationAverage Price (per sqm). are rounded offPrice Range
Metro Manila
Within the city centreP141,000P180,000 – P200,000
Outside the city centreP69,868.14P35,000 – P90,000
Within the city centreP83,437.60P20,000 -P138,000
Outside the city centreP62,500P16,000 -P86,111.28
Within the city centreP101,574.99P74,724.97 – P150,000
Outside the city centreP38,459.49P12,916.69 – P52,461.77

Prices in provinces and rural areas are lower than the figures above. If you’re looking for a place to call your home, you can start comparing the prices in that city or province you wish to settle.

Two-storey houses or duplexes could range about P2 to P6 million or more. Prices vary according to the property developer’s selling price of units.

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