After You Apply for a Loan

Everyone needs a loan at some time in their life.

Very few of us were born into a family that had a bottomless bank account, and that’s ok.

We’re proud of who we are and of our families also. But Pesos rule the streets my friend. That’s simply the country and time we live in.

If you’re here on this website to borrow money with a loan, you’ve come to the right place and there is zero reason for you to feel any shame, if you are.

On this page you’re on right now at, you will see a button that says something similar to “CHOOSE YOUR LOAN”, that is your first step to applying for a loan online in the Philippines.

This article you’re reading now is to help you know what is going to happen after you complete your loan application here on this website.

So, if you have not yet completed your application – pause reading this, click the [CHOOSE YOUR LOAN] button, and complete your details.

It only take 3 – 4 minutes and then come back here after submitting and continue to read. Go choose your loan now.

Apply For Your Loan Online Here First – And Then Read This:

After your loan application is submitted, one of trained and official loan processing team members will be reviewing the details you have submitted.

  1. The first thing that you will notice is, you will get a automatic email confirming that your loan application has been submitted. Wait 5-10 minutes for this email to arrive, and then open and read it.

NOTE: So you can stay updated on the news about your loan, save that confirmation email to your ‘Contact List’ inside of your email account. This will help your email provider (Google, Yahoo, or whoever) recognise the next email we send you regarding an update for your loan.

  1. After completing Step 1 above, the next thing you should prepare is scanned copies of your basic requirements. Before your loan is issued to you, you will need to show some identity (of course). So you can scan and prepare the following items to save lots of time:
  • Government Issued I.D’s (1, or 2 if you have more than 1).
  • Proof of your home address (Meralco Bill / Phone Bill, or similar).
  • Your two recent payslips from your employer.
  • Just in case you need it: you should also now email your Boss or the person in charge, and request a Certificate of Employment (COE) that clearly states your Tenure and your Monthly Salary + Benefits.

It’s best to ask for this right after you finish your application on this website, just in case you will be asked for it. It is always helpful to have a freshly issued COE in your files anyway.

NOTE: If you know how to take a clear photo using your phone, you can lay your documents flat on a table, in a very bright room and take a photo of these loan requirements on your phone.

Zoom in on the photos and make sure all the text and words can be easily read. Keep these photos saved for Step #3.

  1. A member of our loan processing team will help process your application. They will be emailing you sometimes within hours, or maybe the next business day. Be ready for that email and follow the instructions.
  2. The team member will update you with the processing of your loan and will advise you how much you can borrow, what the repayments will be and when and how you can collect your loan.

Collecting Your Loan

After your loan application has been processed, it will be time to collect your funds.

Collecting the funds of your loan may be different between two different people. Maybe the loan will be deposited directly into your bank account.

Or maybe you will be able to collect your loan from a partner outlet for faster collection.

How your loan is issued to you, will depend on a few different things:

  • What bank you accounts you currently hold.
  • Your location – where you are.
  • And other possible factors.

The good news, is that the team member who will be processing your loan, he (or she) will be the one to advise you and ask you what will be easiest for you to get your loan.

You will already be advised on how your loan will be issued, before you need to even think about it.


All of this will only happen after you apply for your loan. So CLICK or TAP the [CHOOSE YOUR LOAN] button that you can see on this page, tell us what type of loan you are getting, submit your basic details in just a few minutes, and then we will contact you to advise of the outcome of your application.

Choose your loan now.

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